Influential Forum

The David Foundation sponsors a Forum of influential Israeli professionals of Ethiopian origin from various fields. These professionals hold top and key positions in different governmental and non governmental bodies all over Israel.

The goal of the Influential Forum is to put an end to the alarming sociological status quo of the Ethiopian Community in Israel and the disturbing downward trends. There is a need for an urgent intervention to address these burning issues and bring about a fundamental solution to leverage the community from this status quo, stop any further deterioration of the situation and change course.

The Forum seeks to achieve these goals by uniting most of the relevant organizations under one umbrella and influence on decision makers to focus on the burning issues of the Ethiopian community in Israel.

The Forum consists of nearly 30 individuals. Since its inception in March 2013, the Forum has already held two fruitful meetings. The Forum seeks to reach out and expand its members.

Whilst there are many areas that need to be addressed, in the short run the Forum will concentrate on tackling one of the most concerning issues – education. Only through education we can achieve the most viable integration of the community into the Israeli society without abandoning the unique cultural and social nature of their tradition.

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